Looking Into The Creative Zen Mp3 Player As An Option

It is unfortunate that the Ipod gets so much publicity because there are other portable music devices available that are just as good, if not better, than the Ipod. One of these competitors is the Creative Zen mp3 player. Just by visiting the site of the Creative Zen mp3 player, one will find that this manufacturer offers even more options for different kinds of mp3 players. The design of these mp3 players is sleeker and comes with new controls (a joystick) to make navigation easier than ever before. The price is slightly less expensive than the more popular mp3 player brands and the quality of a Creative Zen mp3 player is just as good, if not better than its competitors.

Top Features Of The Creative Zen Mp3 Player

Creative Zen products have won many awards in recent years for having the top mp3 players on the market. Some many not know this because there is a bias toward Apple products merely because they are the most popular and advertised. If one is willing to take the time to look at other manufacturers such as Creative, then one would realize that there can be better options available.

Creative Zen mp3 players, especially the MicroPhoto, come in plenty of different colors with different specifications that fit the needs of anyone who happens to listen to music. As far as options go, Creative's website is great at helping one find the right kind of mp3 player. There is a buying guide available online that asks a series of questions about music preferences and gives one possible options as to what kind of Creative Zen mp3 player to buy. As opposed to its competitors, Creative offers more options in terms of storage, allowing one to use each mp3 player to its full potential.

As the awards signify, Creative has been ahead of many other companies in terms of new designs and top-of-the-line products. For example, the MicroPhoto was released with an OLED color screen that displayed 262,144 different colors. Therefore, it is ideal for storing photos and listening to up to 4,000 songs. One can also store documents, listen to the radio, and use the device as a recorder. This Creative Zen mp3 player is well-rounded and serves many different purposes, making it well worth the money.

Just as every other mp3 player manufacturer, Creative has accessories that go along with the music devices. These of course are meant to enhance one's experience with the mp3 player and these can be very practical for everyday purposes. If one visits the website, one will find an organized list of different accessories ranging from speakers, docking stations, straps, and new batteries. If one is looking to purchase an mp3 player, it would be beneficial to look into these smaller manufacturers because they can offer products that better fit one's needs and one may also find the accessories and designs more desirable.