Creative MP3 player: The Zen V Plus Offers A Lot

Creative Mp3 players are a class apart, and the Creative Zen V Plus offers much, and is a cute as well as pocket-sized product that, in spite of its small size, does not sacrifice screen space, and one can view its vivid OLED display from all angles. Packed to the hilt, this Creative Mp3 player includes an FM radio, voice as well as in-line recording, photo as well as video playback, and is compatible with subscription WMA tracks. It also comes with outstanding audio quality and battery life.

Minor Drawbacks

One may fault the Creative Zen V Plus in that its joystick is too small, and it does feel cheap to the touch and lacks all of the buttons that are found on the Vision: M. Another drawback to this otherwise wonderful Creative Mp3 player is that its screen is not easily viewed under bright sunlight conditions, and it also lacks in UMS support. In spite of all this, any Creative mp3 player is a superb choice for those requiring a compact as well as feature-filled flash MP3 player that can also provide extra special sound quality.

Anyone familiar with a Creative Labs Mp3 player would know that the company has a good record in this field, and a product such as the Zen V Plus is, without doubt, a good buy. It is especially easy to use, and for those running Windows Media Player, there would not be any need to install any software in order to sync content to the player. Even then, Creative software is worth installing. And it comes with many useful applications such as the Toolbox, which is able to convert as well as transfer video files to the player. Another useful item is ZenCast that provides a one-stop spot for subscribing to, organizing as well as transfer of podcasts.

Over and above its superb performance, what stand out most is the features that come with the Zen V Plus. Included are photo as well as video playback, FM tuner with 32 auto-scannable presets, FM, voice as well as in-line recording, an alarm clock plus calendar, as also PIM functionality that allows for synchronizing tasks and contacts from Outlook. But for USB host capability and built-in Wi-Fi, there is not much this Creative Mp3 player lacks, and in any case, these are extras and a luxury that one can do without at the standard level, and they do not in any way detract from the player.