Creative Labs Mp3 Players, Winning Awards and Turning Heads

The mp3 player market is highly competitive and Creative Labs' revenue of $1.2 billion in sales in 2005 is impressive considering it started as a computer repair shop. Its popularity among consumers has made it a contender in the mp3 player market.

Mp3 technology has taken off since its debut in 1995. Desired by teenagers and respected by adults, the mp3 format's compression allows for large audio files to be utilized without using large amounts of storage space.

What are the rivals?

The mp3 player market is dominated by Apple's iPod, but sales for other mp3 player brands have risen as other companies scramble to offer the hottest colors, sizes and features. Many mp3 player companies such as Creative Labs, Microsoft, iRiver, SanDisc, and Toshiba all are looking to cut into Apple's profits.

The Creative Labs Mp3 players

Creative Labs has two categories of mp3 players available: the MuVo and the Zen. The MuVo 3200 has a unique feature that displays song lyrics and the MuVo Slim size is reported to be as slender as a credit card.

Creative Labs mp3 players also offer its consumers features such as: removable, rechargeable batteries, optional wireless remote, an audio-visual cable to connect the player to a television, changeable, stick on skins in multiple colors, carrying cases, extra batteries, FM radio tuner, car chargers, and external speakers.

These features are popular with customers and offer the expected features and accessories along with a few original options as well.

Creative Labe also has a few consumer awards under its belt for the Zen mp3 player. The Zen Micro Photo was awarded cNet's best of CES in 2005 and the Zen Vision M took the Best of CES in the mp3 portable category and best in show in 2006. The Zen Vision M also won the red dot design award in 2006.

Where to get it

Creative Labs mp3 players can be found quite easily on the internet at prices ranging from $186 to $230. Creative players are moderately priced in comparison to other players but are hailed as being a good value for your buck.

Creative Labs also offers a "creative care protection plan" for its mp3 players at an additional charge which provides an extended service contract and additional support coverage for your mp3 player.

Choosing an mp3 player can make your head swim. There are consumer reviews and product pricing and feature comparisons available on the internet to help you out. Creative Labs is definitely turning heads and deserves a second look in your quest to choose the best mp3 player.