Coby Mp3 Player, Sharing the Love

The popularity of mp3 players is hard to ignore. American consumers love the portability and styles of the mp3 player. It has been estimated that $3.3 billion in revenue were created from the sale of mp3 players alone in 2006.

The Coby Company is best known for producing quality electronics at a lower cost to consumers. The company is based in New York and got its start in 1990. The company also has a subsidiary office in mainland China. Coby has thrown its hat into the highly competitive ring of mp3 players with a line of stylish, feature packed players.

Coby has many mp3 players available to choose from. They range in price from $23 to $386 and have storage capacities of 128MB to 40GB. Many of the audio only mp3 players are priced under $100. They also offer several digital media players which display pictures and videos as well as audio files. Coby's mp3 players come in many shapes, sizes and colors. The features available are comparable to the choices available from their competitors.

The beat goes on

The Coby Company offers not only mp3 players but a full line of popular electronic equipment like televisions, video cassette recorders and DVD players. The company offers telephone support and online sales.

MP3 technology

MP3 technology has been around since the 1990's and has quickly become a consumer favorite by saving precious storage real estate on hard drives and storage media across America by compressing large audio selections into very small files. The mp3 software was developed in Europe, and quickly caught fire in the U.S. as well.

Companies like Apple, Microsoft, Samsung, SanDisc, iRiver, Creative Labs and Toshiba have capitalized on the popularity of Mp3 players as well as Coby. Mp3 media is also readily available via the internet. Mp3 media is available as music, audio books, radio programs, movies and sermons for a small fee. Apple's iTunes store also offers free podcasts on various subjects.

Mp3 players like the ones Coby produces have become popular because of their portability and style. Look around any public place and you are likely to find an mp3 player clipped to belts and purses all around you.

The options and features available on mp3 players can be overwhelming. A study of online reviews by customers who own the products can be invaluable in the struggle to wade through the swamp of decisions necessary in choosing an mp3 player.

Coby's line of Mp3 players are a good choice for the customer looking for popular features on a limited budget. Shopping around has its benefits and running a price comparison online before buying may save you a few dollars overall.