A Girl's Best Friend - Bratz MP3 Players?

For young girls who enjoy Bratz product, a Bratz MP3 player might make for a nice gift. To be perfectly honest though, no serious audiophile would actually want one. The Bratz MP3 players that are currently out have exceedingly low memory and seem rather over-priced. They are also rather lacking in features. However, if you're talking about a young girl who doesn't have an MP3 player but likes Bratz products it may be okay as a gift.

An iPod Clone Or Some Lipstick?

Of course, the chances are that any hip kid will have an iPod of some sort already. Putting that fact aside, let's take a look at the Bratz MP3 players that are available. The I-Bratz 256 MB player comes in three colors: purple, pink, and white. It retails for approximately $69.99 if you can find it, and it comes with 256 MB of built-in memory.

This player has an expansion slot for SD memory, so you could theoretically jack it up to 1 GB of memory or 2 GB of memory if it accepts cards with large memory (it may be limited to a lesser amount, but the specs were pretty thin). Apparently, it is capable of playing MP3 files and WMA files only. Chances are that that will be of little concern to the average pre-teen, tweener, or young girl.

This Bratz MP3 player model does come pre-loaded with three Bratz songs, but the specs did not mention what type of battery it uses. Also available is the Bratz Liptunes MP3 player. This item technically retails at $99.99, but some sites list the retail price at $79.99. It's also 256 MB and uses a single AAA battery to power the device.

Unfortunately, it doesn't seem to have an expandable memory slot, nor does it have any exceptional features. It does look like a tube of lipstick though, and assuming your daughter (whom this product is no doubt aimed at) finds it a cute accessory, it might be worth looking into. The 256 MB Liptunes was available from one eBay seller at $49.99 apparently.

It seems to be rather difficult to find either of these items via a Google search, and the only place either one seemed to be available at was on eBay. Perhaps you can find one at a local brick-and-mortar shop. Failing that, you could try buying a Bratz CD-player or other Bratz product to pacify your female offspring. At any rate, good luck and good shopping if you choose to hunt down a Bratz MP3 player.