The Evolution Of The Apple Ipod Mp3 Player

There are so many different brands of mp3 players, but one of the most common brands is the apple ipod mp3 player. Almost everybody has an apple ipod mp3 player in some shape for form—and there are so many different shapes and forms. Although originally there was only one variation of the apple ipod mp3 player, the apple ipod mp3 player has evolved to include many different models, with many different memory sizes. Let's take a look at all the different kinds of apple ipod mp3 player, and you can decide which one is best for you.

The Original Ipod

The original ipod comes with an available memory of up to eighty gigabytes—that means that it can hold up to 20,000 songs, 25,000 photos, and up to 100 hours of video. Although the first ipod of this size that entered the market didn't have the option to download video, this upgrade was extremely popular when it was introduced just a little over a year again. The original apple ipod mp3 player plays audio for up to twenty hours, and plays video for up to six-and-a-half hours. The original apple ipod mp3 player is a fabulous choice for the music lover.

The Ipod Nano

The apple ipod mp3 player nano is a streamlined, updated design that has had mass appeal to the public. The apple ipod mp3 player nano has an assortment of memory options: 2 gigabytes, 4 gigabytes, and 8 gigabytes. This means that the apple ipod mp3 player nano can hold up to 2,000 songs. Even though when this model originally was introduced to the public, it only came in black and white, it now comes in many colors, including pink, blue, lime green, silver, and black. Most recently, a red version of the ipod nano was introduced as a part of the RED campaign that supports AIDS victims in Africa. Ten dollars of every ipod nano purchase goes to this amazing charity program. How could you go wrong with the apple ipod mp3 player nano?

The Ipod Shuffle

The ipod shuffle has also been redesigned since it was originally introduced on the market. The ipod shuffle can hold up to 240 songs, and it plays music for up to twelve hours at a time. At only $79, the ipod shuffle is one of the best deals on an mp3 player that you could ever get!