2GB MP3 Players - Going From Alphabet Soup to Listening to Music

When shopping for a music player, how do you know if a 2GB MP3 player is right for you? Sometimes all the letters and numbers make it a bit of a headache, along with deciding which compression rates to use for your MP3s. If you don't have a lot of CDs or buy your online sparingly, a 2GB MP3 player will probably be adequate.

How Much Is Actually Enough?

Depending on the compression rate and format, your storage capacity may vary. The average 2GB MP3 player like the iPod Nano will hold about 500 songs in the proprietary AAC format at a rate of 128 kbps. Regular MP3 songs are generally compressed at a rate of 128 kbps as well. There are several other music formats like ATRAC3Plus from Sony, and the compression (or encoding method, if you prefer) also has an effect on battery life.

If 500 songs is not enough, then you'll have to upgrade from a 2GB MP3 player to something larger, especially if you want photo and video storage. That being said, here are a few 2GB MP3 players that you might enjoy. There is, of course, the aforementioned iPod Nano.

It's undeniable that iPod has done an excellent job with the aesthetics and design. In general, iPods are thin, sleek, and elegant - the Nano is no exception. The 2GB version retails for an affordable $149.95. More unusual (and cooler looking) may be the Mobiblu Cube2, which is basically the smallest video-capable 2GB MP3 player around - just compare it to a Nano.

This player is incredibly cute, if somewhat awkward to use due to its tiny size. However, just take a look at one, and you'll fall in love with it! It has a bright OLED display and retails for around $119.95 (great compared to a Nano). The menu navigation may be a bit difficult to master, but the Mobiblu Cube2 plays video, stores photos, and has a FM radio (plus recording capabilities).

It also has seven graphic equalizer presets that are customizable. And it plays several different formats, including MP3 and OGG. Another choice is from memory giant Sandisk with its Sansa e200 series of MP3 players. They're thicker, heavier, and less elegant than a Nano. However, the e200 series players include microSD slots that allow you add 2GB of extra memory if you so desire it. It has features similar to the Mobiblu Cube2, with FM radio and so forth.