Things To Consider Before Buying MP3 players

A device to store, organize as well as play digital music files is known as an Mp3 player and the MP3 CD players are devices capable of playing CDs as well as downloaded music. A flash Mp3 player is ideal for those who are always on-the-go as one is able to load up the player with a complete range of digital music, slip it into the pocket and take it from there. It is also possible for music lovers to load their entire song collection on a single player and thus take all of their music with them.

Hard Drive Capacity, Battery Life And File Formats

Most pocket sized Mp3 players top out at 80GB, but the future surely holds much hope for even greater capacities, and 100GB plus hard drives should become quite common in the not too distant future. When choosing an Mp3 player that is hard-drive based, one should get one that has sufficient capacity to contain one's music collection, and for those that do not record much or watch too much of videos, a lesser capacity hard drive will suffice.

The battery life of an Mp3 player should also play an important role in selecting which one to buy, and even though battery life rarely meets with tested battery life, it does provide a guideline as to which one lasts longest. Using a lot of video will certainly drain the battery, and one should choose according to types of usage.

After one settles on hard drive capacity and battery life, one should consider ease of use that encompasses the physical controls, on-screen interface as well as integration with the software that manages one's music needs. Each Mp3 player has its own plus points as well as negatives, and the ultimate choice will depend on personal tastes.

One should also consider file formats supported as well as the source of one's music needs. Audiophiles would be better off looking for lossless compression codec to get best possible audio quality, while Linux users will gravitate towards flexible, royalty-free OGG support. There is also Digital Rights Management to consider, and one should be clear in one's mind that the music one wishes to listen to is supported on a particular Mp3 player. The best Mp3 player is one that meets user's needs, are they an audiophile, an average listener, a video buff, or a musician. With big name players in the fray, there is plenty of tempting offerings and much to be thought out before finally settling on one particular Mp3 player.