Perimenopause Help: Try Using Herbs And Self-Hypnosis

Perimenopause is a term that every woman may not be very familiar with though it has to do with the times immediately preceding the onset of menopause. The symptoms of perimenopause occur because there are changes taking place in a woman's hormones, especially in those years that immediately precede menopause. In fact, these symptoms can last for a small number of months or they are noticed for as long as ten years.

Timely Action

Seeking perimenopause help is necessary because there are various conditions that occur during perimenopause that require timely action. For example, during perimenopause a woman can suffer from insomnia or even disturbed sleep and night sweats too are normally associated with perimenopause. When you ask for perimenopause help from doctors don't be surprised when the doctor recommends taking sleeping aids, or using anti-depressants as well as trying out different types of drugs.

Unfortunately, all these drugs may not have the desired effect. On the other hand, there are certain herbal remedies that can be used to effectively treat insomnia and disturbed sleep. Women believe that their insomnia is being caused by stress though in reality the condition occurs because of natural changes in the production of her hormones.

One solution as far as finding proper perimenopause help is to try using hypnosis to overcome insomnia. There are many CDs available that provide instructions regarding proper use of self-hypnosis and which, when followed exactly, can help provide deep relaxation as well as reduce sleep interruptions at night.

Another perimenopause help option in regard to treating insomnia is to use dietary supplements that will make the body adjust its hormonal balance. Furthermore, the best advice in regard to getting perimenopause help is that you should first opt for natural solutions as these are safe as well as effective and in case these natural means do not provide suitable results you can then always consult your doctor and ask to be prescribed suitable medications. However, be aware that such medications are quite dangerous and even addictive and can cause side effects.

The best piece of perimenopause help advice is to try for a holistic solution that is sure to be cheaper as well as safe and you will also not need to worry about feeling groggy which can occur when you take medications to help you sleep at night.

Herbal help for menopause is available and should be preferred to taking medications because taking drugs puts you at risk of suffering from side effects as witnessed when people take hormonal replacement therapy only to find out later that they are at risk of developing cancer. It is therefore recommended to try using nature's power to overcome menopause symptoms rather than use artificial substances that can often do as much harm as they do well.