Understanding Early Onset Menopause

Most women tend to think that there is nothing they have to worry about menopause until they are in the late forties or into their fifties. While in most cases this would be a true thing, there are a lot of women who face the sad truth that there is such a thing out there as early onset menopause. The signs of early menopause are pretty big but oftentimes women brush them off as something else because not enough people are informed that such a thing as early onset menopause is a real thing.

Most women do not even understand that this is such an important thing that they fail to really understand all of the risk factors involved. While someone may joke about how mince it would be to be finished having monthly periods at the age of thirty, the real concern is that the lack of estrogen could very well cause her a lot of serious medical conditions. The list of conditions that could come from early onset menopause is long and could probably go on forever. What is important though is to realize that there are a lot of issues that could very well come about for anyone facing early onset menopause.

Signs To Look For

As with all other conditions out there, there are a lot of signs and symptoms that a woman should watch for when it comes to early onset menopause. There are of course to typical hot flashes and mild mood swings that will affect just about every woman going through menopause, no matter their age. But there are also some things that are very important for younger women to watch out for just to make sure they do not have early onset menopause. If you suddenly notice that you are getting those hot flashes and extreme mood swings along with missed or completely gone periods then you want to speak with your medical doctor right away.

A decreased sex drive is also something that you have to watch for along with sleeplessness, dry eyes and mouth, and vaginal dryness. If you are experience some or all of these symptoms for early onset menopause then you are going to want to make an appointment with your doctor just as soon as possible. Talk with you doctor in detail about everything that you are going through get tested for early onset menopause because the sooner you know what is going on with your body, the better prepared you will be for what is in store ahead of you.