All About Early Menopause

There is no doubting that menopause is something that women hate going through but it is a part of life and one that no woman can avoid going through. The typical age for a woman to enter menopause is around fifty and is something that can last a couple of years. Some women will find themselves actually entering menopause in their forties due to genetics or a surgical procedure that they had to go through. But when a woman enters menopause before that age then they are considered to be going through what is called early menopause.

A woman going through early menopause will experience all of the different signs and symptoms that a woman older then her would experience. The thing is though, there are also added symptoms and troubles that a woman with early menopause will face such as mental and emotional issues because of the extreme changes happening within the body at such a young age. If you believe that you are experiencing an early menopause symptom it is time to speak with your doctor because only he or she will be able to know for sure. There are tests that can be ran and it is important to find out sooner rather then later because of the risks that are involved.

The Risks Involved

While some people would believe that early menopause simply means that the woman can no longer become pregnant, there is much more to it then that. Women who go through early menopause are at risk for various kinds of medical conditions that really would not be a major concern for a woman who went through menopause at a more typical age. There is an increased risk for ovarian cancer, colon cancer, and osteoporosis. This is because of the estrogen levels being too low too early in life and it is something that has to be watched carefully.

There is also a small risk for gum disease, cataracts, and tooth loss because of the early menopause. So when it comes down to it, the benefits of no longer having to deal with a monthly period at a young age certainly does not out weigh the risk factors that are involved. It is important that any woman who is going through early menopause stay under the strict care of his or her doctor so that these and other health issues can be watched and addressed if they ever come about. Make sure that you and those you care about are watching for these health concerns carefully.