Women in Lingerie are the Sexiest

Hugh Hefner once commented that the sexiest woman in the world is the one who leaves a little to the imagination. Lingerie accomplishes this in a variety of ways. Imagine a candlelit room, a velvet couch, and champagne resting in a dripping wet silver urn that was long ago forgotten. Now, ask yourself, would this scene include a woman sprawled in some graphic spread-eagle pose, or is a better image a long sheer black robe that only suggests a cover for the equally black corset and stockings underneath. Clearly, that scene is best imagined with the woman in lingerie. Defining Lingerie

Prior to dressing a woman in lingerie, it is important to understand the difference between lingerie and what I would term as erotic wear. Lingerie should make the woman feel sexy yet comfortable. It should inspire kisses and soft touches not bullwhips and chains. Lingerie should be soft and inviting not harsh and overwhelming.

By contrast, erotic wear is designed to inspire lust not romance and is often harsher. Materials that come to mind include vinyl and rubber. While some may say leather falls within this category, there are some designs, softer corsets, that are certainly worthy of consideration in the arena of the romance women in lingerie inspire. This, however, cannot be said of vinyl and rubber that are neither designed for comfort nor love in the more traditional sense.

Women in Lingerie

The corset that whittles the waist and enhances breasts and hips, garter belts and stockings, long flowing silk gowns that sensually move with every step, and even the short little teddy that covers everything just enough. These are the things of fantasy—of daydreams—for the romantic side in every couple. It is women in lingerie, like this, that inspire some of the most sensual poses ever captured on film—just look at back issues of Playboy for proof.

Women in lingerie are some of the most beautiful women in the world. They are soft and sensual and confident in their sexuality. Women in lingerie inspire poetry, songs and stories. They are the reason men smile, and the reason that the first candlelit room was designed. So, if you are a man who wants to make your special lady smile, buy her lingerie. If you are a woman wanting to design a comfortable yet sensual evening, then visit your local lingerie store and choose something that makes you feel completely confident and sexy.

Hugh Hefner was absolutely right. Women in lingerie are the ones who leave just enough to the imagination to inspire romance and sensuality.