The Allure Of Trashy Lingerie

Lingerie is used by many couples all over the world to enhance their intimate encounters and to help partners communicate their desires. It can be restricted to the bedroom or worn underneath clothing to provide your partner with a tantalizing look at the entertainment to come later. Lingerie can be sweet and subtle or naughty and trashy. Many people underestimate the power of trashy lingerie, but these items can be some of the most fun to use and explore.

Why Are These Items So Popular?

Trashy lingerie is so popular because it is so out of character for most people. Many partners enjoy seeing their conservative mate turn into a sexy, almost slutty alternate version of themselves. Many men will admit that nothing turns them on more than their mate dressed as if they were a stripper or a prostitute and willing to do anything that their mate desires. This does not mean that the man desires someone that is truly in that position, only that he enjoys seeing this side of his partner, a side that typically remains hidden.

What Is Considered Trashy Lingerie?

Trashy lingerie can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. A leather miniskirt could be considered trashy to someone who dresses more conservatively, but would not be considered trashy to someone who wears miniskirts all of the time. Trashy is in the eye of the beholder and depends on the personality of the individual wearing the item. With that being said, let's examine an item that could be considered trashy by a majority of the population.

When many people hear the phrase "trashy lingerie", the first item that pops into their head is the infamous crotchless panties. Also known as easy access underwear, the panties are just like any other pair except for the fact that portion located directly over the private parts is missing or can be opened with a zipper or snap. This allows for sexual penetration without the removal of clothing. Many women report that wearing this type of trashy lingerie underneath their regular clothes and informing their mate about it drives them absolutely wild. Their partners don't seem to mind either.

Purchasing trashy lingerie for the enjoyment of you and your mate can be a fun experience. Couples report that the introduction of trashy items into their lingerie collection can add a little spice to the relationship and a little excitement to bedroom activities. If you are looking to have some fun with your mate, go shopping for trashy lingerie together and see what develops.