In The World Of Lingerie Models

Everyone who has ever created an item of clothing for retail sale has needed someone to display the clothing item so that individuals looking to purchase clothing can see how the item is designed and how it is meant to fit. Thus, the job of the model was born. Models can display anything from sweaters to shoes to rings to lingerie and make them look so attractive that you cannot wait to get the item home into your closet. Convincing you that the item looks good is the job of the model and is what they are paid highly to accomplish. This is especially true in the case of the lingerie models.

In the fashion world, there is no job as exclusive as the lingerie models. Very few individuals possess the attributes that designers desire in a person for modeling lingerie, making the small percentage that are considered right for the job very well paid indeed. Many models that model lingerie also model clothing and other items as well, but not everyone who models clothing is shaped right to model lingerie. Their hips may be too big or their breasts could be too small or they might not have the right shaped face. The body shape requirement of lingerie models is very specific and all of the models must have roughly the same shape and the same attributes to showcase the lingerie in the best light.

The Reality Of Being A Lingerie Model

Usually chosen for their perfect form, these lingerie models must undergo rigorous diet and training regiments to retain their perfect figure. Gaining weight can cause a model to lose their lucrative contracts, so they are very conscious about what they eat and how much they exercise. Unfortunately, this causes some lingerie models to develop eating disorders, such as anorexia and bulimia, in their quest to retain their perfect figure. To combat this devastating trend, many companies are requiring that all of the models that work for them to maintain a healthy body fat percentage and models that drop below this percentage could be fired.

Although modeling lingerie on the runway looks like a fun and desirable occupation, the reality is that lingerie models invest a lot of hard work and dedication into gaining the position that they are in. Individuals that are not willing to sacrifice for the position will never get past the front door. So when you see the smiling faces of lingerie models in your favorite catalog, spare a moment of thought for what that job truly entails.