Finding The Best Honeymoon Lingerie

Your honeymoon is a time for indulgence and playfulness, and so what better way to find and express this than with honeymoon lingerie? Not only will beautiful honeymoon lingerie make you feel sexy and sultry, but it will make your partner more than happy as well. There are several different options that you have when it comes to honeymoon lingerie, the most popular being: classic, screen goddess, naughty but nice, tapestry, baby doll, and romantic.


This is the most popular style of honeymoon lingerie of all, because it is simple and yet still very sexy. You can choose the classic look of white, cream or natural, and luxurious silk and delicate French lace are most often incorporated into these styles.

Screen Goddess

This is the style of honeymoon lingerie that you should choose if you are looking to get that dramatic and glamorous vintage look. If you want to bring out the goddess in you, you should make sure that you look for bold designs featuring ostrich or carabou trims, and colors such as ice blue, dusty pink and pale mauve work especially well here.

Naughty But Nice

For you daring women out there, there is the naughty but nice option. This style includes the more daring and provocative lingerie, such as crotchless panties and open cup bras - the lingerie that is going to make him stop dead in his tracks.


Fresh from the pages of a bodice-ripping romance novel is where this style of honeymoon lingerie stands, and cleavage-enhancing corsets, thongs and sheer stockings are commonalities here.

Baby Doll

This option is playful, romantic and sexy, and you can excite his senses with silk, mesh, organza or nylon. There are also a variety of panties that you can choose which will work perfectly with the baby doll style, namely those which have frills or lace decorating them.


Finally there is the romantic style of honeymoon lingerie, which is another very popular choice, and you would choose this if you wanted to highlight the romance in your relationship with something delicate and pretty. You can light some candles, put the champagne on ice and indulge in the classic look of romantic lingerie featuring delicate lace, ribbons and bows.

Regardless of what specific type of honeymoon lingerie you decide to go with, the most important thing is that you feel comfortable and beautiful in it, because this is what is going to show.