Making An Impact With Fishnet Lingerie

Some individuals believe that fishnet lingerie was made popular by the cult classic "The Rocky Horror Picture Show" featuring Tim Curry in some very naughty little outfits. Others believe that lingerie made of fishnet has a more noble and historic past. Whatever the cause, fishnet lingerie is becoming more popular as many women choose the items to please their honeys and themselves.

Types Of Fishnet Lingerie

The most common type of fishnet lingerie purchased by women is the fishnet stockings. These stocking have a very unique appearance that is unmistakable for many people, much like thin rope forming an X pattern all the way up the legs to the thighs. Fishnet stockings come in a variety of colors to correspond with many different types of lingerie, with the most popular colors being black, white, and red. In most cases, fishnet stockings are thigh-highs and need to be secured with a garter belt underneath the clothes. Some versions have highly elastic tops to secure the stocking on the legs without the use of a garter belt.

Another type of fishnet lingerie commonly sold in retail stores is the fishnet body stocking. The body stocking is shaped much like a one piece bathing suit and is made out of nothing but the fishnet material. Understandably, these lingerie items are quite see through and are unsuitable for wearing anywhere other than in the bedroom. They typically come in black or white and, in some cases, they come as a seduction kit which includes fishnet stockings in the same color along with a garter belt.

Where To Find Fishnet Lingerie

Fishnet lingerie is considered one of the most daring and alluring types of lingerie on the market today, but in many areas it can be difficult to find. Most retail stores only carry a limited selection of fishnet lingerie in certain sizes, generally smaller than the average American. For many, the best bet to find lovely lingerie in the fishnet or similar styles is to find an online retailer that specializes in lingerie. These online retailers have a wider selection of fishnet lingerie items in stock and often carry multiple colors to coordinate the items with a number of outfits or other accessories. The shipping costs are minimal because fishnet items generally do not weigh very much. The trick is to find an online retailer with a good return policy, just in case you do not like the item once you see it in person or the item does not fit properly. There is nothing more unsexy than a woman in ill fitting lingerie.