Exotic Dancer Lingerie Isn't Just for Professionals

Today, the term "exotic dancer lingerie" isn't a dirty thing that shouldn't be talked about. Although some people never did think anything of it, others coin the term to do with a professional who's job is less than respectable. However, as time has moved on, so have the thoughts and opinions of people all over the world in regard to these kinds of issues.

Nowadays things are more easily accepted, and more and more people start to believe to each his own. Because of this, wives and mothers have been able to feel more comfortable buying lingerie that is "exotic dancer" like.

What is Acceptable, and What Isn't?

The answer to this question should really be answered by your husband, but if you don't have a significant other, it's an entirely different ball game.

For women with spouses, figuring out whether they would like to see you in exotic dancer style lingerie can be done by paying attention to a couple of clues. If he tends to enjoy you wearing thongs or very skimpy panties, chances are he'll love you in exotic dancer lingerie. Even better, you might like to try learning a couple moves to entertain him with!

On the other hand if your man tends to like seeing you in his t-shirts or a silky robe, you should probably stick to the less skimpy nightwear. More than likely, he just likes the anticipation of knowing what's under the clothes.

For those of you who are single and have no one else's likes or dislikes to worry about, it's really a matter of your own taste. If you feel that exotic dancer style lingerie is something that works for you, go for it! Those who say it attracts the wrong kind of man are wrong. Even nice guys like a naughty girl in the room sometimes!

Tips for Getting Sexy, Exotic and Erotic

A big idea of eroticism and exotic dancer styles are the tiny amount of clothing worn to obtain the look. For this reason, you won't need much to obtain the ultimate exotic dancer lingerie look.

For a see through drama look, go for all black. Find a small tube top style see through top which leaves your shoulders, arms and midriff bare. The cloth that is covering your breasts should be revealing in a way where they can be seen, but at the same time covered up.

For bottoms, try either a thong with see through short skirt on, or hot pants. To make the look dramatic and really turn your partner on, try rubbing flavored oil all over your body so you're glistening from head to toe. High heel open toe shoes with manicured toes will complete this dramatic exotic dancer lingerie look. Remember to leave your hair down, toss it around and make it have that tasseled look, it will drive him wild!