A Guide To Designer Lingerie

There are a number of different designer lingerie names out there that you should make yourself aware of, particularly if you are a lingerie fan. Designer lingerie is the best because you know that it is made out of the highest quality and that you will thus be getting the best value. After all, lingerie can be beautiful but if it is poorly made and falls apart on you then what good is it?

Designer Lingerie Companies

Third Floor Design is a fabulous designer lingerie company, and they are a boutique lingerie company that has been designing fun, sexy and comfortable lingerie for over four years now. They believe that every woman deserves the confidence and comfort that they offer with their lingerie and each garment they offer is designed with the intention of blurring the lines between inner-wear and outerwear.

They have truly and successfully elevated underwear from an afterthought to a main ingredient in a woman's style, and they have done this by carefully selecting the most high quality fabrics in forward prints and colors.

Vicki Louise is another great designer lingerie company, and they are a company that offers you as much as possible in terms of quality and value. They have sourced companies that provide the widest range of luxury lingerie available, so that they in turn can offer it to you.

Lingerie Affair, a European company, is considered as being the premier online supplier of designer European lingerie, and their company provides a variety of fine designer intimates, ranging from full figure lingerie to alluring corset choices and delicate embroidered thongs.

They are a lingerie company that is striving to provide the most high-quality, European lingerie to women of all sizes, and since 2001 they have been providing excellent customer service and beautiful designer lingerie to their customers worldwide. They hope that their customers all have a shopping experience that leaves them with a feeling of pleasure and anticipation.

Lingerie is beautiful, sexy and sultry, and can really boost your self-esteem. If you are interested in purchasing lingerie, then designer lingerie should definitely be your top choice, as it is beautiful, high quality, and will last you a lifetime. Even though for the most part this lingerie will tend to be a bit more expensive the extra cost is well worth it when you include quality, value and aesthetic appeal into the equation, especially when compared to other, cheaper types of lingerie.