Daily Practices to Learn More Spanish Words

If you've taken on the task of learning Spanish, or want to do so, the easiest way to familiarize yourself with Spanish and to not just learn Spanish words, but learn to use them conversationally, is to get in the habit of practicing your Spanish daily. Relating Spanish words to your everyday activities will help you learn Spanish words more quickly and soundly than relying on your classes, books or audio recordings alone. Thinking of your Spanish lessons as portable will help you set aside time everyday to practice and learn your Spanish words. Throw your vocabulary book into your bag or purse to make sure it's always with you. If you're stuck waiting at the dentist's office, or if you have a long train ride to work, pull out your book and review some Spanish vocabulary. Otherwise, set aside ten or fifteen minutes before dinner every night to say some words aloud. Once you're in the habit of incorporating your practice into your daily routine you'll find that learning Spanish words becomes much easier as time goes by.

Utilize Your Surroundings

If you're fortunate enough to find yourself in the company of someone who is fluent in Spanish take the opportunity to greet them in Spanish, not English. Put the Spanish words you have learned to practice. Go out to dinner at a Mexican or Spanish restaurant and look for signs or menu items in Spanish. If your server speaks Spanish, try conversing with as many Spanish words as you know. Explain that you're trying to learn Spanish and you may even get some insider tips on pronunciation or popular slang.

Audio Aids

Arguably the most familiar way to learn Spanish words is by using audio CDs. Make sure you keep them in your car so they are easily accessible whenever you're driving. If you have an MP3 player, make sure you import your Spanish lessons on it and stick in your bag to carry with you. Just hearing the language everyday will help you learn Spanish words and acclimate yourself to their proper pronunciation. The key to learning Spanish words is simply repetition. The more time you spend with the language the more clearly you will understand it. Learning to apply what you learn to everyday situations, and utilizing your daily events to learn how to effectively communicate in Spanish, will do wonders in helping you become a fluent speaker and reader of the Spanish language.