How to Learn Spanish Verbs on Your Own

Knowing Spanish is incredibly useful. Hundreds of millions of people around the world speak Spanish as a first language, and millions more have learned it. Learning Spanish means greater work opportunities - being bilingual pays. Even just knowing a little Spanish makes the difference between a regular vacation and one where you really get immersed in the Spanish-speaking culture. Learning Spanish verbs is one of the first steps to becoming fluent. And it is possible to learn Spanish verbs with books, flash cards, computer software, and TV. Hearing verbs is the best way to really integrate them, but no matter what, you must start with a book or piece of software that explains how Spanish verbs are conjugated. Conjugation is the various forms of a verb: present and past or future tense. Or how verbs change with person: I say, he says, and so on. Most verbs are conjugated according to a rule. Once you learn how Spanish verbs are conjugated, you have a tool to help you learn new words.

Building Vocabulary

Libraries and bookstores are full of materials to help you learn Spanish verbs but, so is the stationary department of any big store. To learn how Spanish verbs are pronounced, you must use a tape, CD or computer software. Most of these programs are expensive. Before buying one, test out what your local library has. Some programs are better than others. Some incorporate learning games, voice recorders to match your voice to the correct pronunciation, and real conversations. You should have the choice of turning subtitles on and off, and the program should teach many words, not just a few.

Tapes or CDs are also a good way to learn Spanish verbs. You can listen in your car or at the gym and repeat the words and exercises out loud. They are not interactive like computer programs, but you can practice while you are doing other things.

When you're studying Spanish do not forget the most basic tool of students all over the world, which are flash cards. Writing out your own flash cards on note cards is helpful in learning Spanish verbs because writing is an important way to help learn any language. If your eyes and ears understand a language, your hand should too! Take time making the cards. Put the Spanish word on one side and a picture on the other. That helps you internalize Spanish rather than just translating an English word in your head.