Pros and Cons of Learning Spanish Using a Tape

Learning a language can be fun and useful and learning Spanish can be a good place to start. For many, the use of a Spanish language tape to learn can be ideal. Most of these tapes can be used to learn conversational Spanish but most come with translations and written Spanish in order to help the student recognize both the sound and written form of a Spanish word. Learning Spanish with a tape can be cheap and easy as most of the tapes are less expensive than actual Spanish classes while they can save time due to the accessibility of use. Using a tape to learn Spanish can be accomplished almost anywhere with the use of headphones meaning that it can even be used on the go.

The only problems or concerns with learning Spanish from a tape is that the person can only learn so much and their intended fluency should be a factor when deciding to use a tape to learn Spanish. Also inaccurate pronunciation can easily occur without a teacher's guidance. It can be hard for a person to hear themselves properly and using a tape to learn Spanish can only help a student progress to a certain stage. These tapes are generally used by people who want a starting point of Spanish in order to see if they should progress onto further study while others are satisfied that they will be armed with enough knowledge to survive a holiday to a Spanish speaking country.

Deciding Factors in Using a Spanish Tape to Learn

The decision to learn a language can be an easy one; however, deciding the specific method to use can be tricky. Certain factors should be taken into consideration including the amount of time and effort available to put in, the cost and the level of fluency that is wished to be achieved. Someone that is not guaranteed to have free time on a weekly basis should not perhaps pay for a Spanish language class when they can simply use a Spanish tape to learn from. Spanish lessons can be expensive depending on the school that you attend thus a cheaper option such as using a Spanish tape to learn could be preferable.

For people who wish to become relatively proficient or even fluent in the language, a concentrated Spanish language class is probably more beneficial, as is learning the language abroad. Using a tape to learn Spanish can only take a person so far with the language and normally people use these tapes to learn the minimal amount needed to get by. Tapes are only useful if the person is prepared to put the effort in without encouragement from another person. If you feel that you, like many others, will not bother to frequently use the tape without coercion then a class is probably better. People tend to learn quicker under the guidance of a tutor and being in the same class with other people who are at the same stage can be beneficial also.