Learn Spanish in Granada for a Great Vacation

Granada, Spain is a fascinating, ancient, and beautiful city. Since Roman times, people have enjoyed its climate and culture. Its alcazar, ancient quarter, mosque and other sites draw thousands of tourists. The city has been the subject of painting, opera, and literature. But it is not just a beautiful vacation destination. You improve or learn Spanish in Granada in immersion schools. There are many places to learn Spanish in Granada. You must pick a program that suits your needs and schedule. Are you an advanced Spanish student looking for a long immersion experience? Are you more of an informed tourist that wants to learn about the language and culture of a place? Think about how long you can spend in Granada and how many hours per day and days per week you want to study. If you must seriously learn Spanish in Granada very quickly for school or work, look for the most intensive programs. Some programs hold classes for eight hours a day then send students to live in Spanish-speaking families. If your interest is more of a hobby or personal interest, you might enjoy something more leisurely that leaves time to explore Andalusia.

Take a Field Trip with a Group

The great thing about learning Spanish in Granada, however, is that most schools offer field trips: small group excursions to sights around Andalusia and the rest of Spain. When three or four students and a teacher go to a village bullfight, an olive farm or a winery, the experience is much better than anything any tour company can provide. These field trips are usually optional and cost extra. Be sure to ask when you are shopping for a school.

If the travel aspect is very important, there are "traveling" Spanish schools based in Granada and other parts of the country that combine an extended bus or train tour with Spanish lessons. These programs are usually geared more toward culture and sightseeing rather than quickly instilling a strong grasp of Spanish. Depending on what you need to know, a traveling school may or may not be what you need.

On the Shopping List

So, once you have decided to learn Spanish in Granada and what kind of program you want, it is time to pick a school. Just like when buying anything on the internet or planning a vacation, look at all the schools, ask ahead about costs and lodging. Look for third party recommendations and reviews.