Be Creative and Learn Spanish with Games!

Take your Spanish lessons beyond books, CDs and classrooms, and help yourself learn Spanish with games. By making your Spanish lessons fun, you'll forget you're actually conducting a lesson and you'll greatly enhance your Spanish vocabulary. Here are some ideas for fun, but useful, games to learn Spanish. You can create many simple games with a set of Spanish vocabulary flashcards. Buy a pack of index cards and start putting all your Spanish words on them. You might even try using different colored cards for different parts of speech (nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc.). Having a visual clue to distinguish these words from one another will help you learn Spanish more easily. Try timing yourself to see how quickly you can go through all of them, or see how many tries it takes you before you can go through all of them with no mistakes.

Make two sets of your Spanish words and play Spanish vocabulary "Go Fish." If you've separated out your cards by part of speech using colors, pull out all the verbs and play Spanish vocabulary charades. Find other traditional card games that work with your flashcards and learn Spanish through games slightly modified.

Electronic Games

If you enjoy playing games on your computer, or any other electronic system, you will not be hard pressed to find games designed to help you learn Spanish. You'll have an excuse to revisit your childhood and set aside some time to play! Beginners can find many word games designed to acclimate you with vocabulary basics, and as your Spanish vocabulary becomes more advanced you can even try playing the Spanish versions of your favorite English games. Electronic games to learn Spanish are easily accessible. If you don't want to spend a lot of money on cartridges or gaming software to Learn Spanish, you can find plenty of free games on the Internet.

Paper Games

If you have a pen and some paper you can come up with and endless number of games to learn Spanish and improve your existing Spanish vocabulary. Try Spanish Hangman or have a friend make you some Spanish Word Finds. Look for children's Spanish vocabulary books and take advantage of the fun exercises. Using games to learn Spanish is very effective because you will find yourself relaxed and enjoying your time with new words in a light hearted manner. These games will help you learn Spanish fun.