Resources to Help You Learn English and Spanish

Adults trying to learn English and Spanish may feel at a loss for the time or resources to do so. If you don't know where to begin to find a class in your community to help you learn English and Spanish, or you need to find options that fit your full-time work schedule, don't worry. There are plenty of resources for people seeking to learn both English and Spanish. For people seeking assistance in learning English, there are many ESL classes available at your local community college, or even independent learning centers. Formal English classes will provide people with all the necessary materials to learn, as well as the opportunity to participate in language labs, not to mention the opportunity to interact with an instructor. Night classes are available to those students who work full-time during the day.

Classroom Learning

Classroom learning for both English and Spanish is not limited to ESL courses. Anyone can enroll in either English or Spanish classes at a community college, or a fully accredited college/university. Being around others who are also trying to master a new language can be useful in finding a solid support or study group. Classroom learning can also be very rewarding in gaining a definite sense of accomplishment at the completion of a course, and then the privilege of moving on to a higher level language course.

Independent Study Options

If enrolling in a formal class is not an option to help you learn English and/or Spanish, there are many resources available for you to study independently. Look for audio CDs with accompanying texts, preferably one with many different levels to help you progress. If time is a concern, audio and textual materials are a great option. You'll receive most of the same lessons you would find in a classroom setting, and can do them at your own pace and in your own time.

If finances are a concern, look in your local newspaper or community bulletin for study groups. You can find a group of people who meet regularly at a coffee shop or library specifically to help each other in their efforts to learn Spanish and/or English. You'll gain a sounding board to help identify your weak spots, and likewise be able to feed off of other's strengths. Having a support group will go a long way in your efforts to learn English and Spanish.