Learning Basic Spanish for Your Vacation

Taking a vacation in a foreign country is an incredible experience, and one that you will cherish forever. If you've chosen a location in a Spanish speaking country, take some time to learn basic Spanish before you go to ensure that you have the skills to communicate with the local residents if needed. You'll embark on your vacation with a sense of freedom in knowing that you are equipped to help yourself get around. To learn basic Spanish, you won't need to spend a lot of money or time in a formal class. You can find an abundance of audio CDs designed specifically for travelers with a need to pick up a few key phrases quickly. Before you purchase an audio CD to learn the basics of Spanish, make sure that you will be learning phrases that will be useful to you in your travels. Don't waste your time learning grammar at this point, just focus on the repetition of necessary points of communication, like asking for help with directions, finding a restroom, locating an English speaker, etc. Be sure to pack your CDs and bring them with you on your vacation as a quick reference guide.


Along with your audio CDs, you will also want to be sure to grab a Spanish dictionary. Find a pocket sized version to stick in your travel bag and always keep it with you during your vacation. This will allow you to have a quick point of reference if you need to communicate quickly with someone that doesn't speak English. It will also provide a resource for you to read over to help you remember all the basic Spanish you learned before your trip.

Electronic Devices

There are many portable handheld electronic devices that will help you learn and communicate basic Spanish during your vacation. These devices will provide both a readily accessible dictionary, but will also provide audio help if you are having difficulty communicating the basic Spanish you learned. If you are not confident in your basic Spanish, and electronic device is your best bet to have a definite way of communication with non-English speakers, especially in an emergency situation. These devices are designed to fit in your pocket or bag, so portability will not be an issue. You can also find them at reasonably affordable rates. Enjoy your vacation with piece of mind in knowing that you're prepared to communicate!