How To Learn To Play Rock Guitar

If you have decided to learn how to play rock guitar, you might be picturing yourself on stage, rocking out to a great guitar solo that you are performing. You're jamming, the crowd is going wild, and all they want to hear is your music. Perhaps you are comparing yourself to some of the great rock and roll kings, such as Johnny Cash, Elvis, or even some of the more modern rock bands, such as the Foo Fighters and Metallica. It's a pretty picture to paint inside your head, but the truth is that you can't make this a reality until you learn to play rock guitar. Taking the time to learn to play rock guitar is easier than you might think, and once you learn to play rock guitar, you are opening your career up to so many possibilities. Let's take a look at what you will need to do in order to learn electric guitar.

At The Beginning

Although some people think that you can easily play an electric guitar if you know how to play acoustic guitar, they are very wrong. Thus, the first step after you decide to learn to play rock guitar is to make sure you have access to an electric guitar. Although an electric guitar was originally used in blues music, it has become most popular today due to rock music. If you learn to play rock guitar, then you will be able to produce some of the rock music that made the electric guitar popular among guitarists. At your first lesson, you will probably learn the basics, such as power chords and lead guitar. You will also probably learn how to play classic rock on the guitar. If you already have some experience with the guitar before you decided to learn to play rock guitar, then these initial lessons may not be necessary.

On Your Way To The Top

After you learn the basics, you will learn some more advanced techniques. Some of these techniques include: sliding, string-bending, pull-offs, vibrato and hammer-ons. These techniques will assist you when you learn to play rock guitar solos. You will also learn about power chords, which are essential to rock music. Finally, you will learn about the important relationship between blues music and rock music.

So, if you are picturing yourself up on that stage, don't give up on your dreams just yet. Anything is possible if you learn to play rock guitar—who knows, you could be up on that stage before you know it!