Tips On How To Learn To Play Guitar Fast

When we choose to learn something new, we often start off with the best of intentions. This can be especially seen at the turn of the New Year when we offer up our New Year's resolutions. However, sometimes boredom, loss of motivation or other circumstances arise. These actions often result in discouragement and good intentions are abandoned.

Often these resolutions can include the commitment to lose weight, learn a different language, keep a daily journal, get a financial situation in order, learn how to play an instrument, etc.

One such musical instrument that is frequently selected is the guitar and perhaps to maintain the motivation in learning how to play guitar, it is important to learn to play guitar fast. This goal, accomplished through a number of motivating factors, will keep the student on target to learn the guitar and playing music in no time.

Join A Group

There is strength in numbers. Therefore a good strategy to learn to play guitar fast is by learning through involvement with a group of other guitar students. Some of the advantages of being involved with a musical group include the friendships that are developed, the competition that ensues and being accountable to one another.

Often, when learning a new skill, there are periods of time in the process where learning seems to be slow. During these times discouragement may set in and the commitment to learn may be abandoned. By belonging to a group, friendships will be developed and, through encouragement, each of the students may help others to stay on task.

Also, joining a group to learn to play guitar fast can be an excellent strategy in that we are competitive by nature. By learning in a group setting we will be aware of the progress made by other students. This in turn will not only encourage the struggling student, but may illicit an affirmation that if others can progress so can they.

In addition, joining a group to learn to play guitar fast will provide accountability. This accountability may be seen and experienced as committed guitar students encourage one another and inquire about their class attendance and daily practicing.

Make It Fun

Another proven method to learn to play guitar fast is by making the practice and class sessions fun. This can be done in a variety of ways. One way to learn to play guitar fast is by making guitar instruction fun through the use of a game approach. The students can be grouped together into teams and questions can be asked about how the fingers are placed on the neck of the guitar to play a certain chord. Or, a chord can be played and the question may require identification of that chord. Nominal prizes can be awarded to the winning team.

In addition, award ceremonies can be held on a periodic basis. The ceremonies can be in conjunction with the serving of food and may incorporate a mini concert. Following the concert, the group may wish to award certain prizes. Some of these categories can include the most approved, the most dedicated, the most inspirational, etc.