Learning How to Play Blues Guitar With Tablature

As with most genres of guitar music, most blues music is played with the same chords and scales; once a musician is able to master these scales, it can be much easier to learn how to play blues guitar that is more complex.

Learning to play blues guitar with tablature can be a very simple way for a new or self taught musician to figure out how to play their favorite blues songs.

Blues guitar tablature is available on many different websites; with any tablature consider the source before trying to play. Learning to play blues guitar can be overwhelming if a musician is not using the correct chords and scales.


Scales are a sequence of notes that stay constant, and will always need to be the same order. When learning to play blues guitar, most instructors would recommend assigning one finger for each string and using this to help perform sliding scales.

A sliding scale is a staple of learning to play blues guitar; the player positions their fingers on the beginning fret then would move their fingers up or down the neck of the guitar, keeping their fingers on the same strings and moving them all into the same fret.

This uses the same scale to make different notes, depending on the exact position of the musician's fingers. This is often indicated on tablature by all the notes being staggered, yet each note in the same fret; one might switch from high e and low e to b and d.

Choosing Material to Practice

When learning to play blues guitar, choosing material to practice can determine the players continued interest in playing, and therefore their ultimate success. If a player chooses a song with extremely complicated solos, leads, or intricate pick work it would easily frustrate them if they were new to playing guitar.

Choosing tablature that is simpler, which uses repetitious chords and scales, and practicing songs they are familiar with, or choosing tablature of songs that the guitar player knows from memory, and has a recording or a video clip of will make easier work of performing the piece and playing it properly.

Practicing and mastering these songs will make easy work of learning to play blues guitar. Additionally, playing blues guitar that the musician knows by memory will help them to decipher the tablature, therefore making the work of learning the song easier, instilling confidence in the musician, and help them to learn to play more blues guitar music.