Beginning to Learn Lead Guitar

Learning to play lead guitar is interchangeable with the term learning to play solos; in both instances it refers to an advanced level of guitar playing and someone trying to play lead guitar should already be comfortable with and familiar with playing rhythm guitar. Lead guitar does not necessarily mean that the musician is leading the song, but that they are able to give strong support to the other musicians; a lead guitarist may also play part of a piece by himself or herself; this is known as a solo.


Learning to play lead guitar also means learning to play scales over the entire fret board, being able to play the scales in various keys, knowing how to improvise music, and have the ability to read tablature or sheet music. Learning lead guitar also means being able to be flexible in the scope of playing and allowing space within a song for contributions from others. Once one has learned these skills, knowing how to use them together and separately will shape him or her into an accomplished lead guitarist.

Where to Learn

There are many ways to learn lead guitar; the internet, by instructional DVD, or by a teacher are the most popular and successful ways to learn. Several free websites can teach a guitarist new chord, scales, methods, and other key factors to learning lead guitar, many websites also have audio recordings of the correct ways to play, and the best ones will have video clips of how to play properly as well.

An instructional DVD is superior to the internet to learn to play lead guitar, the majority of the time. This is simply because the student can see and hear the material being presented to them, and is the next best method to a live person as an instructor.

An actual teacher is the best way to learn lead guitar; a personal instructor can show the method, watch the student demonstrate the method, and help the student to correct any weaknesses in their playing.


Practice is the most important part of learning any new skill, but is especially important in learning lead guitar. Only a dedicated musician, who practices daily and is willing to challenge him or herself, can be a superior lead guitarist. All musicians need to practice regularly and try new things to broaden their scope and improve their abilities overall.