Practical Tips In Order To Learn Jazz Guitar

There are many unsubstantiated accounts that try to capture the evolutionary process of the modern day guitar. Some of these accounts trace the beginning of the guitar back to the days of the ancient Greeks, while other stories trace the origin of the guitar back 4,000 years where stringed instruments were played in Egypt. Regardless, the fact remains that the guitar and its musical sounds have been and continues to be an influential instrument in the world of music.

Today, there are many styles of guitars that, in the hands of skilled musicians, provide that distinctive sound that can stir the heart and calm the soul. Two types of guitars are acoustic and electric.

In addition, these two types of guitars can play a variety of musical genres. Some of those genres include blues, country, folk, rock-and-roll, classical, etc. Another distinctive genre is jazz.

What Is Jazz?

Jazz can be defined as that genre of music that originated in America and is characterized by various modified rhythms, altered pitches and a variety of overtones. Performance of jazz is also characterized by improvisations performed by the musicians of the ensemble. Traditional instruments used to play jazz include the trumpet, piano, bass fiddle, saxophone, etc. Another important instrument in jazz ensembles is the jazz guitar.

Learn Jazz Guitar By Choosing The Right Instrument

In order to learn jazz guitar it is important that you have the right instrument. There are certain characteristics that should be kept in mind when considering the purchase of a guitar to be used when playing jazz.

The classic guitar is a good choice of instrument for those who are just starting to learn jazz guitar. One reason for this being a good choice for beginners is that the strings are made out of nylon. The use of nylon is easier upon the fingertips when forming the musical chord. In addition, a classical guitar does not require the use of an amplifier. This will cut down on your startup costs.

An electric guitar utilizes steel strings and requires amplification when performing jazz music. In addition, there are two types of electric guitars. One is the double cutaway and the other is the single cutaway. The double cutaway refers to the shape of the guitar body on the front and back of the guitar. The single cutaway shape refers to the guitar that only has this form on the front portion. The cutaway style allows easier access for the guitarist to reach the upper portion of the fret board.

To learn jazz guitar it is important that the aspiring guitarist be disciplined and practice continuously. Therefore, the choice of a comfortable feeling guitar, one that provides a good sound and has visual appeal will help to maintain that commitment to learn jazz guitar.


Obviously, to learn jazz guitar, instructional lessons are a critical component to the process. There are many avenues that the student who is wishing to learn jazz guitar can take.

One of those options is to take advantage of an online opportunity. By logging on to a jazz instructional web site, the student can take advantage of jazz guitar lessons at any time of the day and in the comfort of their own home. Often these web sites offer visual and audio resources to aid in the instruction.

In addition, another proven method to learn jazz guitar is through personal instruction. This personal instruction can be accomplished through the private tutorage of a jazz guitarist instructor.