Learn Guitar Notes: All About Scales And Chords

If you have ever attended a rock concert and been mesmerized by the wonderful way the guitarist plays those guitar solos, you may have wondered just how do they do this. To the beginner guitarist this may be uppermost in his or her mind, when wanting to learn guitar notes and is often the most frequently asked question asked off the guitar teacher. After all, one might wonder how the guitarist figures out in his or her mind which is the right note to play and, how does one learn guitar notes from a teacher that will help one achieve such mastery. Any budding guitarist would naturally have to get to know and master the Blues Scale which would be a main feature of his or her quest to learn guitar notes. Guitarists need to realize that improvising or soloing is not about playing random notes hoping they turn out right but, drawing the solo from a scale which is used as a template with which to improvise. The Blues Scale is a scale that can be used extensively to play all kinds of guitar solos.

Mastering The Scale And Chords

One would also need to learn and master all the different chords, scales, modes as well as chord constructions. For example, to learn the C scale, one should learn the eight notes that it consists of, starting with a C and ending on a C and, it is the only scale that has neither a flat nor a sharp. In addition, one may need to learn guitar notes by understanding that major scales contain a step pattern consisting of a whole step, whole step, half step, whole step, whole step, whole step, half step. The root note is the note that corresponds with the 'key' note of a scale and, one would also need to learn the different tones.

There is also the hammer-ons as well as pull-offs that needs to be learnt and, the hammer-on is a note that is played by quickly snapping the finger down on a higher fret after the string has already been picked for a lower note. The pull-off note is played by pulling the left hand finger away from a string at an angle to let the fingertip pick the string while allowing a new note to sound. There is certainly a lot to learn in guitar notes and, one should not forget about the three chord theory or the Blues, which is the ultimate extension of the three chord theory. Other issues to sort out are the root chord, sub-dominant chord as well as the dominant chord.