Learn Electric Guitar: Try Different DVDs To Get Started

The electric guitar is the musical instrument with a lot of bells and whistles and, not being hollow, it makes the sound produced, very quiet. The electric guitar plays a different role to that of the acoustic guitar and is pretty useful for playing electric leads or extended solos. The thing about learning electric guitar is that it very often conjures up images of famous guitar players and, the goal of every learner would be to sound as well as be the next Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Eddie van Halen, Bruce Springsteen or Nirvana. The road to learning electric guitar has been greatly simplified by a complete learning system called Jamorama, which is supposed to be the easiest guitar learning method available. This teaching aid that can help anyone learn electric guitar and, it comes with loads of information that is jam packed into 148 powerful video lessons along with 26 assorted Jam Tracks and thousands of tablatures as well as step-by-step instructions that will train one to read TAB as well as play by ear.

Jamorama - The Complete Learning System

The 26 Jam Tracks provide a variety of musical styles including rock, country, jazz, hip-hop as well as dance. Probably the first thing that one needs to know when learning electric guitar is how to hold the pick. This can be done by holding it firmly and, one should use the very tip of the pick when hitting those individual notes. If the pick does not impact the strings too heavily, it will result in less resistance and, one should keep the wrist loose and also remember to strum the electric guitar lightly.

Stringing that Stratocaster would require the strings going through a hole to the front of the guitar and, it should be done properly so that one can then tune it with accuracy and, the best way to do so is by using a tuning fork. There is no doubt that the electric guitar is an iconic instrument that, once tuned, is ready to blaze away. One can now start by learning to play solo and then build up to more lead, rhythm as well as build speed and technique.

The electric guitar power chords must be learnt by every serious electric guitarist and, one can start with simple power chords before advancing to more powerful ones. This will allow the budding guitarists to learn to play in different ways and, will make jamming that much easier since one can substitute the power chord with a more complicated one. No doubt, one will be chaffing at the bit to learn electric guitar and get stuck into playing the Blues. For this, one would need basic experience and be able to play 12 bar blues as well as some nifty variations along with some uncomplicated Blues lead licks.

For those that love the electric guitar, learning electric guitar is a prelude to becoming adept at playing lead or rhythm and, come up with licks as well as turnarounds of one's own in the style of those great blues legends that one so admires.