Down In The Dumps? Learn Blues Guitar!

There are so many different types of music that can be adapted to the guitar—it's hard to decide what type of music you most enjoy playing! First of all, there is rock music. You might enjoy rock music because it is loud and powerful, and because you might admire those rock musicians that you see up on stage or on MTV. There are also other different types of guitar music as well, although these are less well known than rock music. For example, there is classical guitar music. There is also folk guitar music. These two types of music are most often played on the acoustic guitar and most beginning guitarists starry out learning either classical or folk guitar music. However, we are forgetting one of the most important types of guitar music—why not learn blues guitar? The blues is such an important genre of music, and if you learn blues guitar than you will be joining some of the great blues players of all time. Let's take a look at blues and the guitar—the history and why the guitar is best suited for blues music. Who knows—maybe you'll even be inspired to learn blues guitar yourself!

A History Of Blues Guitar

Many people who learn blues guitar go on to become famous musicians. But let's go back to the beginning—what is the history of the blues guitar? The traditional European Latin guitar and the Far East/Middle East/African Banjo evolved to become a guitar suited to blues music. The resophonic is one popular type of acoustic blues guitar that was appreciated for its loudness. Before the days of an electric guitar and an amplifier, musicians, including blues musicians, craved a loud guitar so that when they learn blues guitar their music could be heard. Blues musicians who learn blues guitar used the resophonic for its loud sound.

Why Is The Guitar Well Suited For Blues Music?

Although you don't need an instrument to make blues music, musicians who learn blues guitar know that the guitar is one of the best instruments out there for blues music. It is easy to play and has a four octave range. It also has a versatile tone and is cheap, as well as easy to transport. Most famous blues players have been guitar players who learn blues guitar. If you learn blues guitar, you will be on your way to an exciting career (or perhaps hobby) in blues music.