What are Tabs?

Besides the little keys used to open a can of soda or a tip of a file folder; "tabs" in reference to guitars often means tablature. Tablature is a form of writing music, especially for people who are unable to read sheet music. The song is broken down into positioning of fingers on the strings, and there are numbers to indicate in which fret the fingers should press the string to achieve the correct note. Breaking down a song in this way makes it easy to learn guitar tabs.

Where to Find Easy to Learn Guitar Tabs

There are many sources to find easy to learn guitar tabs; the internet and guitar enthusiast magazines are the most accessible places to find them. The internet often has them for free and depending on the web site, a rating system that can tell the user how difficult or easy to learn the guitar tabs are. Guitar magazines also often have a rating system, and because they are in a media publication, a person is more likely to get an accurate guitar tab.

When choosing easy to learn guitar tabs, it is important to consider the song itself, someone with little to no previous guitar skills may not be able to play a heavy metal guitar solo, county picking, or fast paced flamenco music. Keeping to ones skill level will help playing ability as well as technique; how easy to learn guitar tabs are depends on the person's personal abilities.

Trying it Out

When trying out an easy to learn guitar tab, to determine how easy it is, make sure to know how the song is supposed to sound; knowing the proper way will help the strumming rhythm pattern and increases the chance of success. Knowing what the chords are supposed to sound like and how to play some of the chords before trying the tab will make learning the guitar tab easier.

Most guitar songs are mainly composed of basic chords, with a few more advanced chords worked in; easy to learn guitar tabs will have easy to follow instructions and lots of notations to indicate solos, bars, and other changes in the music pattern or hand positioning. Skipping chords that one doesn't know and solos or lead pieces that seem too hard can be good for beginners, as they may hone their skills on easy parts and work their way up to the super fast and complicated parts.