Mow Them Down: Starting A Lawn Care Business

When earning a living nothing quite matches the excitement of owning your own business. In addition to the excitement there are certain advantages of being self-employed. Some of those advantages include being your own boss, setting your own time schedule, often working at something that is most enjoyable, etc.

Also, there are many financial benefits that are associated with owning your own business. Some of those financial advantages include tax breaks such as sheltering more of your hard earned revenue in a SEP IRA and itemizing your business expenses to possibly reduce any tax payments.

If considering the starting of your own businesses there are many possibilities. Some of those possibilities include the starting of a day care, cleaning business, consultation business, computer repair, etc.

Another entrepreneurial service that has increased in popularity is the lawn care business. When considering starting a lawn care business there are certain factors that the individual should keep in mind. Those factors include having the right skills, being motivated, and meeting the physical requirements.

Skills Required

When starting a lawn care business it is important to remember that the small business world can be very competitive. Therefore, it is important to make sure that you have an edge or an advantage over those who are in the same line of business. Some of the most important advantages are your knowledge and practical demonstration of lawn care. It is important to realize that starting a lawn care business is more than just cutting the grass.

Customers are looking for full-service companies that will not only maintain the lawn, shrubbery and flowers, but will also be able to provide practical advice. Some of this practical advice to customers may include xeriscaping, planting of drought resistance plants, etc.


In addition to having the practical expertise in starting a lawn care business it is also important to have a strong work ethic. This strong work ethic will be required in that starting a lawn care business requires the investment of a considerable amount of time. This investment of time is not only needed when actually providing the lawn care for the customers, but in reaching out to other families in order to gain new customers.

In addition, when starting a lawn care business, it is of extreme importance to build the business on other motivational factors. One of those motivational factors includes taking pride in the work performed. This pride of doing a skillful job should be reflected in the work accomplished and the appearance of the grounds.

The quality of the work accomplished is a direct reflection on the company and the service that is offered. Often the grounds of the home that may be cared for by the lawn care business will be the most effective advertising that can be accomplished to gain other clients.

Physical Requirements

Finally, when considering starting a lawn care business it is important to assess one's physical capabilities. A lawn care business can be an extremely demanding line of work. The physical demands can be seen in that the lawn care business requires the utilization of heavy lawn care equipment. In addition, extremely long hours are required during certain seasons of the year.

Couple these factors along with the fact that the work is performed outside in the heat of the day requires the individual considering the starting of a lawn care business to be in optimum health.