What Natural Lawn Care Is

Until recently natural lawn care meant applying smelly, homemade recipes. While some techniques are still used, there are also new techniques.

New Techniques In Natural Lawn Care

Here are some of the latest techniques when it comes to natural lawn care:

Corn gluten meal will leave some weeds behind because it takes 3 years to become fully effective. It will cost you between $40 and $60 to use this on a typical residential lawn.

The first step to heading off a lot of problems with your yard starts with planting. Grass that is being produced today is sturdier, has stronger roots and is more resistant to disease and insects. Of course, this grass still requires some work from you. You will have to water it properly, which means giving your grass 1 inch of water each week administered all at 1 time. Otherwise you will promote the growth of shallow roots that are susceptible to damage during dry spells. You will also want to set your lawn mower to the longest setting and only mow when your grass is 3 or 4 inches high.

There has been a lot of lab work done to create new natural lawn care products. These products are slow coming though because they require so much research. Nevertheless, they still produce better lawns.

It is really important that you use good timing in putting the products on your yard. Doing this during the wrong season will mean that you will have to do more later on. For instance, pre-emergent herbicides can only be applied when the soil temperatures range from 55° F to 58° F or you will not reap any benefits from it.

The pace at which you walk behind your spreader will determine whether or not the chemicals are being applied at an appropriate rate. If you put too much on, then they will not go as far as possible and so you will have to purchase more to apply. On the other hand, if you do not put enough on you will get poor results. So, you really should try to spread 2 to 3.5 pounds of material per 1000 sq. ft. When you are doing this, if there are any natural lawn care products that spill onto your driveway, you should simply sweep it up and sprinkle it onto your yard. You should also wash your spreader in your yard.