Memphis Lawn Care: How to Make Your Lawn Green And Beautiful

Having an absolutely beautiful lawn takes a lot of time and effort. If you live around Memphis where the weather can be quite unpredictable at times, things could get a little bit challenging at times. To help you get things going in the right direction; here are some Memphis lawn care tips for you.

Planting Grass Seeds

One of the first things that you should learn about Memphis lawn care is choosing the right grass seeds for your lawn. Always remember that the rule of thumb in Memphis lawn care is that good grass makes good lawns. If your grasses are healthy from the very beginning, it would be easier for you to take care of it.

Different grasses suit different types of weathers and conditions. If you want your lawn to look really lovely, you must choose the right type of grass. For instance, if your lawn is shady and doesn't get full sun all day, you might want to get those kinds of grasses that thrive on shady places.

When preparing the seedbed for your grass, you need to plow the soil a little bit just enough to make the soil loose and ready for planting. Note that loose soil makes it easier for the seeds to grow and sink its roots. However, do not make the soil too fine since this may cause the surface of the soil to crust and dry-out too quickly. Pea size to marble size soil particles are good in keeping more moisture and are ideal for your grass seeds.

Sowing Grass Seeds

The cardinal Memphis lawn care rule when it comes to sowing grass seeds is to sown your seeds evenly. Do not just thrown seeds around and let the wind scatter them in every direction. Sow the seeds with care and as much as possible, do not use your hand when spreading the seeds. It is always more difficult to obtain a uniform cover if you use your hand as spreader. Instead of using your hand, use a handheld or broadcast spreader to get a more even result.

After applying the seeds to the soil, do not forget to add so starter fertilizer. Organic fertilizer is preferable because they cause less or no harm to the environment. Always remember that Memphis lawn care also means caring for the environment. There are many shops around Memphis that are selling organic fertilizers. Visit these shops and ask around about the kinds of fertilizers that are suitable to your type of grass.