Benefits of Hiring a Lawn Care Service

Properly caring for a lawn can be a time staking daily activity that some people simply lack the interest for upholding. Most lawns require frequent weeding, mowing, and watering plus annual regiments such as fertilizing, aerating, or thatching. These tasks can seem daunting to the leman gardener.

Hiring a professional lawn care service can be the solution to bridge the gap of the desire to have a beautiful healthy lawn and having the time or interest in maintaining that lawn. Professional lawn care services will have a team of experienced workers to make the lawn look its very best.

A lawn care services will often come to ones home in early spring to assess the grasses individual needs as well as the rest of the landscaping to provide a complete yard care. Some areas require sod or seed because the existing grass is too poor to grow properly. These professionals will know the best way to care for new and growing grass taking the guess work out of the situation for the home owner.

Some lawn care services will install sprinklers in addition to the other services they provide. Lawns with sprinklers can be set for the optimal time (usually early in the morning) to allow the grass and plants to absorb the water before the mowing is done.

Mowing wet grass is bad for both the grass and the lawnmower. The wet grass can dull the blades of the lawnmower quicker than dry grass and it can get caught inside the blade chamber and cause a clog. Leaving wet clippings on the grass can encourage mold and other parasites or diseases to grow in the grass.

Lawn care service professionals know the best times and frequencies to water and mow a lawn for ultimate beauty and health. Many services will also rake up the clippings if they are not using a mulching lawnmower to enable the sunlight to reach the grass more effectively.

Lawn Care Services Are Economical

A healthy beautiful lawn adds more than just curb appeal to a home. A well maintained yard is good for the environment too. Lawn care services will use well maintained equipment, much like cars well maintained machinery will use less gasoline.

Also the time and money the average person would spend maintaining their yard is likely to be much more than a lawn care service. Because the professionals buy in bulk they are able to pass the savings onto the customer as part of their service. Also unpracticed individuals are likely to take more time to do the same job, which will also waste more water and gasoline.