Maintaining Proper Lawn Care In Sacramento

No matter where people live, they seem to want a proper lawn to take care of. What people often don't understand is that the particulars of lawn care depend on where they live. By understanding the climate of where you live, you will be better able to grow a lush lawn that looks beautiful. In this guide, we will explore lawn care in Sacramento to give you the idea of the sorts of considerations to climate that a homeowner should take in order to grow a great lawn.

The Proper Grass

Proper lawn care in Sacramento means taking into account the hot, dry summers that those living there often experience. Many people make the mistake of buying grasses based solely on the way it looks or feels underfoot, instead of buying a grass that will handle the environment it's growing in. Buy a variety that thrives well in the sun, such as Bermuda grass, and you'll have an easier time with lawn care in Sacramento, instead of having to spend extra time maintaining a grass less suited for the area.

Irrigate Well

Because of the dryness of summers in Sacramento, proper lawn care will require a decent irrigation system. Watering should be done at night, and on an irregular schedule. If you water too often, then your soil will become overly saturated, which inhibits growth. You do want to get the ground good and wet, though, watering so the soil is saturated to a few inches down, which will encourage your grass to grow deeper roots, which will make it hardier.

A good bet for watering for proper lawn care in Sacramento is about every week, though keeping the watering at something other than a regular schedule is best, since it mimics nature's own patterns. An easy way to tell if your lawn needs more water is to walk on it; if the grass retains the footprints rather than spring back up, your lawn is due for watering.

Growing And Mowing

Another key part in maintaining good lawn care in Sacramento is knowing how high you should let the grass grow and how often and how much you should mow. A good height to shoot for with grass is two inches, which is short, but not so short that the grass blades can't soak up the sunlight to properly go through photosynthesis. Never trim more than a third of the blade's length off at any given time. This means if you let your grass grow to three inches long, never trim off more than an inch. Doing so risks damaging the plant too much, which can hurt growth. With proper grass, irrigation, and allowances for growth, you can display great results with your lawn care in Sacramento.