Many Products To Choose For Lawn Care DIY

When it comes to having a lush green lawn there are many products made for lawn care DIY and if you choose to go with them plan on spending time reading the instructions before buying them. For example, some weed and feed products work best when applied to a damp lawn while others will give better results on a dry yard. You will need to read the directions to determine which one you are planning to use.

One piece of equipment you will need for lawn care DIY is a spreader. Depending on the size of your yard, you can choose from a hand spreader, a drop spreader or a broadcast spreader. For yards the size of postage stamps a hand spreader can be used. For small lawns, under about 15,000 square feet you can probably get by with a drop spreader, however for larger yards a broadcast spreader will get the job done quicker.

Make sure when you are ready to apply a weed and feed product as part of your lawn care DIY you select the one for the season in which you are making the application. There are different feeding products used in early spring, summer and fall and using the wrong one during the wrong season will not enable the product to perform as it is intended.

More To Lawn Care The Using A Mower

When it is time to cut your lawn, the weather should play a role in how short you cut the grass. If the weather is dry and the prediction is for dry weather, the shortest the grass should be cut is three inches. Two inches will keep your lawn healthy most of the time but for the last cut of the year lawn care DIY stipulates it is proper to take it down to one inch, which will not hurt it.

A lawn's worst enemy are bugs and grubs that live under ground and attack your grass. Grubs also attract moles, which feed on the grubs and dig tunnels under the ground, which feels like weak spots when you walk on them. A lawn care DIY treatment against grubs will be needed to rid your lawn of these pests and once they are gone, the moles should also move to happier feeding grounds. If the moles stay once the grubs are gone, a treatment for the moles may be in order.