Minimum Equipment Needed To Start A Lawn Care Business

Because you have a strong work ethic, enjoy working in the garden and want to operate your own business you may want to consider starting your own lawn care business. As with most businesses, the most expensive part of starting your own business is the purchasing of equipment needed to be successful.

It is highly recommended that when starting any new business that the sole proprietor purchases the minimal amount of equipment to effectively conduct business. This is due to the fact that it takes time to build up clientele. Therefore, during this stage of building the business, it is important to remain as free as possible from heavy debt. This significant debt may be associated with payments on new lawn equipment or equipment that is not needed at this juncture.

Therefore, it is important to know what is the minimum equipment needed to start a lawn care business? The basic lawn care equipment that is needed should include a lawnmower and an edger.


Obviously, the lawnmower is a critical piece of equipment when starting a lawn care business. Therefore, it is important to purchase a high-quality lawnmower that stays within your initial startup costs and budget. Most experts agree that the lawnmower should be of commercial grade quality. However it is important to note that these types of lawnmowers can cost upwards from $2000.

If this price exceeds your budget there are other options that can be implemented. One of those options is to purchase a regular lawnmower that is intended for home use to mow regular lawns.

Then focus on providing lawn services to clients who have lawns that match the lawn equipment that you own. Clients with these types of lawns can be found in areas where new homes have been built, small apartments, or condominium complexes.

Also, because this lawnmower will be your bread and butter, great care should be taken to maintain this important piece of equipment in order to ensure the success of your lawn care business. Maintenance should include regular service as well as the sharpening of the blades.

Also, an attachment that should be purchased for your lawn care business should be a mulching bag. This will prevent the need for the grass clippings to be raked.

After a number of these "easier" jobs you may be able to utilize the proceeds to upgrade your lawn care equipment.


Another important piece of startup equipment that will be needed for your lawn care business is an edger. An edger is that important gardening tool that brings a polished look to the lawn after it has been mowed.

It is highly recommended that the edger that is purchased be gas powered. Not only will this provide the needed mobility, but demonstrate your professionalism in not needing to hook up to their electricity.