Hawkeye Lawn Care: Securing The Right Lawn Care Business In Iowa

Each of the 50 states that comprise the United States of America represents their own distinctiveness, climate, culture, etc. The mid-west portion of the U.S.A. is comprised of states that are known for their agriculture, raising of animals, as well as progressive urban areas, etc.

One state that is part of this mid-west group of states is Iowa. When one thinks of Iowa they think of corn, cattle, hogs, the production of ethanol, etc. These states are also known for their hot humid summers and their cold winters. That is why when looking for a lawn care business in Iowa the individual should utilize a company that understands the importance of preparing the lawn for those harsh winters.

The winter preparation of a lawn by a knowledgeable lawn care business in Iowa should include the following actions. Those actions include the mowing of the lawn up to a prescribed time, fertilizing and raking the lawn.


One of the first important actions in preparing the lawn for a winter in Iowa is to continue to mow the lawn until it ceases to grow due to the change in seasons. A lawn care business in Iowa will know that it is important to maintain a specific height of the grass to insure the health of the grass as it lays dormant in the wintertime.

By maintaining the proper 2 inches of height after the last mowing, the grass in the springtime will be more healthy and manageable.


An additional winter preparation technique that a lawn care business in Iowa should implement is the fertilizing of the lawn. This fertilization of the lawn is necessary because even though the grass lies dormant, the roots remain very active in absorbing and utilizing the necessary nutrients.

A lawn care business in Iowa will probably recommend that the fertilization process take place in the latter part of October or early part of November. The lawn care business in Iowa will explain that this process will help to stimulate the growth of the roots and stimulate growth in the spring.


Another important grooming procedure that a reputable lawn care business in Iowa will undertake that helps prepare the lawn for its winter slumber is through the simple process of raking the grass. This raking will serve three purposes.

The first purpose is to remove any debris or leaves from the lawn. This will allow for the grass to receive the full benefits of the Sun and enhance the photosynthesis process. In addition, by removing the leaves or debris, this will decrease the chances for any mold to cling to the items and thus damage the grass. In addition, through raking, the ground will be aerated.