Canepari's Lawn Care: Getting Help From The Pro

Have you been toiling on your lawn trying to coax the grass to grown healthy and green but always end up with those yellowish and anemic looking grass? If you have been having troubles getting your grass to grow, do not despair.

Stop tearing your hair in frustration and contact Canepari's lawn care company and ask for help. Canepari's lawn care services can help you turn your lawn into something lush and beautiful. The good thing about engaging the service of Canepari's lawn care company is that you have the advantage of working with professionals who know exactly what to do in different types of situations.

Getting Started

Before you call Canepari's lawn care company, it is best for you to make an assessment of the situation first. Go into your lawn and note the things that are happening there. You must be able to answer the questions like "Is my lawn shady or not?" "Are there some bald spots in my lawn?" "How heavy is the traffic in my lawn?" "How often do I put fertilizer on my lawn and how much do I usually put?" What type of fertilizer am I using in my lawn?" "What type of grass do I have in my lawn?" All the significant information about the present condition of your lawn in a piece of paper and bring it with you when you go see some people at Canepari's lawn care company.

The good thing about making an assessment of the situation is that you will be able so describe fully what is happening to your lawn when you call Canepari's lawn care company. Note that when you do make the call to this company, they people there will ask you what the problem is. If you can describe the problem accurately, it will be easier for the people at Canepari's to help you.

Aside from asking you to describe the situation of your lawn, the people at Canepari's lawn care company may want to get a soil analysis of you lawn to ascertain the type of seeds that is suitable for it. Furthermore, the soil analysis is needed to assess what nutrients are lacking in your lawn soil.

It is important to know the nutrients present in the soil to be able to recommend the right type of fertilizer. To save time and effort, bring some soil samples when you visit the company. When getting soil samples, get samples from different strategic locations in your lawn. Different areas may have different components so it is important that you get samples from different places in your lawn.