Keeping Landscaping Simple

Landscaping a garden or piece of land can be a fun and creative experience but a lot of people, especially when it is their first time, get slightly over enthusiastic. They may create designs that require a lot of time and maintenance without really understanding the consequences. There is a lot to be said of simple landscaping as it frees up more time to enjoy the garden rather than needing a lot of time to maintain it. A complex plan could lead to a huge amount of maintenance especially if there are a lot of different varieties of vegetation. Some people find themselves spending all of their free time on the ensuing upkeep while others end up getting fed up and avoiding the garden altogether. This ruins the landscaping by letting it run wild and leaves a strong feeling that time has been wasted. Some people simply find that they cannot manage the extent of the landscaping that they had originally planned while others may have a change in their ability to manage their garden.

Keeping landscaping nice and simple can eliminate all of these problems. A simple landscaping design can still be attractive and there is less chance of the whole scheme becoming overwhelming to both look at and manage. A minimal plan could seriously cut down the amount of upkeep needed and allow those with little time on their hands to still enjoy their garden.

Simple Landscaping Ideas

Landscaping does not need to be complex to be enjoyed and simple designs tends to be much more eye catching as there is often fewer focal points. Simple landscaping can look a lot neater as opposed to more ornate landscaping which can sometimes look as if it has not been taken care of enough. A good yet simple landscaping idea is to start slow and add little by little. This can help a person visualize how different additions may look and if they fit in with the overall scheme.

For a lot of people, a simple landscaping design could be a nice green lawn with a border of small plant beds but it can still be a chance to get creative as winding paths can be quickly installed yet give a good look to the garden. A simple landscaping idea to a lot of people can mean to stick with the one type of plant, tree or shrub. This can lower the amount of upkeep as all of the vegetation has the exact same need. Some nice green lawn, a pit of patio paving and a minimal amount of plants can be easy and simple landscaping that anyone is capable of maintaining.