Tips For Using Landscaping Gravel

Landscaping gravel can be quite versatile for your landscaping needs. Most people apply mulch to their flower beds but this can cause a problem. The color of mulch will fade over time, especially when exposed to the sun. Mulch also attracts termites which could prove to be costly to your home.

The use of landscaping gravel can provide a decorative appearance as well as being useful in helping your plants survive. The gravel is very effective in controlling the growth of unwanted weeds, especially if landscaping material is used underneath.

Landscaping gravel has many benefits. In addition to the beauty it creates, it helps prevent soil erosion and helps to retain water and moisture for your plants. It provides a natural, finished look to water features, walkway edges, and the outside walls of your home. It is also a nice feature to have around a pool. If you want to provide drainage away from a wall, lining the wall with gravel will help you accomplish this task.

Ways to Use Landscaping Gravel

Use gravel instead of mulch around all of your outdoor plants. It helps to retain moisture and prevents the growth of weeds. There are many different shapes, sizes, and colors which will add an attractive finish to your flower beds.

Finish out your pond or water feature with landscaping gravel. It will provide an appealing appearance which is pleasing to the eye. Adding some of the decorative gravel inside the water feature will also give it a more natural look.

Add decorative gravel to the stones you use to make your waterfall. This helps provide dimension and textural interest. You will love to sit and listen to the sound of the water flowing over the stones and gravel.

Use landscaping gravel to create walking paths through your garden. In addition to adding beauty and interest, it will allow you to navigate your garden without stepping on any of your plants.

Many people don't think of using landscaping gravel when they get ready for their projects. They don't realize that the gravel can provide a contrast in color in areas which are all green. They also don't realize that using landscaping gravel can be more cost effective than mulch.

Mulch will usually need to be replaced every year where gravel can last for many years. Gravel does not require much maintenance. You might occasionally need to smooth out an area or two but otherwise it remains fairly stable. Gravel is better for holding in moisture and provides a professional, clean look to the landscape.