Do White Golden Retrievers Really Exist?

There are no white purebred Golden Retrievers as this breed does not come in a white variation. They can be very pale cream in color but are never white. Some breeders call their dogs Rare White Golden Retrievers or English White Golden Retrievers but they are in actual fact extremely light colored and not pure white. This is done in order to make these dogs sound like a rare variation of the breed or to encourage buyers that prefer white dogs but White Golden Retrievers are either light gold or cream in color. Purebred Golden Retrievers have certain standards and excessive amounts of white on the coat would count as a fault against the dog.

There are many breeders who claim to have White Golden Retrievers in order to sell their pups at a higher price. The color of the dog should not really matter to someone who is looking for a pet to join their family but people can be led astray by promises of unusual white colored dogs. But the color of the dogs are just preferences and do not affect the temperament of the dog. If you are considering buying a pup and the breeder in question is offering a White Golden Retriever then it may be necessary for you to enquire abut genetic testing and that the pups and the parents of the pups have appropriate papers declaring their thoroughbred status. If you are simply looking for a pet and not a thoroughbred or show dog then beware of breeders who charge higher prices for paler colored retrievers.

Finding a White Golden Retriever

Many people are attracted to the idea of a white retriever and although a purebred golden retriever cannot be white, a mixed breed variety can and some of the purebreds have coats that are very close to white. The closest thoroughbred variety to a white Golden Retriever would probably be the English Golden Retriever, which is often called the English White Golden Retriever by breeders of the variety. Their coats can be extremely light cream, which closely resembles white. This dog may satisfy the person who has their heart set on a white Golden Retriever. They should, however, be aware of the breeders than increase their prices on the paler versions and try to sell them off as a White Golden Retriever breed. Pale cream dogs should be in the same price range as the darker varieties.

Another solution is looking for a mixed breed dog. Not everyone is looking for a show dog or a thoroughbred and perhaps the color is more important to some people than breed. When Golden Retrievers breed with other dogs, the resulting coat shades can vary and it is possible for a white golden retriever cross to occur. However, the temperament and health of a purebred Golden Retriever is not guaranteed to be passed on to the puppy. Also the puppy can appear to be white but as it matures, its coat can turn to a light cream color. It can be hard to predict with a crossbred puppy.