Mini Me: Miniature Labradors

You are most likely familiar with the ever-so-popular labrador retriever—after all, they are one of America's favorite dogs. Known for their trainability and loyalty, labradors are truly "man's best friend." You most likely also are aware of the variations of labrador dogs; for example, labradors can be one of three different colors. Labradors can be black, yellow, or chocolate brown in color. But you might not know about another variation of labradors: miniature labradors.

A History of Mini Labs

Miniature labradors are not, as many people think, a different breed of labradors; they are, in fact, a size variation of the labrador breed. These miniature labradors came about as a result of both breeders and rescue workers expressing a desire for smaller labradors. Miniature labradors are pure-bred dogs, though they are often bred with regular labradors in order to retain characteristics that are typical of their labrador ancestors. The size variation of miniature labradors has been in existence for along time, though it is unclear for how long. Miniature labradors are registered with the American Kennel Club (AKC); they also have several other Labrador Retriever registrations.

Physical Traits Of Mini Labs

Miniature labradors possess many of the favorable traits that regular labrador retrievers do. Miniature labradors are strongly built, very active, broad in the skull and chest, and broad in the hindquarters. Miniature labs, like regular labs, are agile, good tempered and devoted companions. Miniature labradors are intelligent people pleasers, and they are kind and non-aggressive by nature.

Just as in regular labradors, miniature labradors can be one of three different colors: black, yellow, or chocolate brown. Miniature labradors typically weigh between forty-five and fifty pounds. They are usually sixteen to nineteen inches tall at the shoulder; any miniature labrador that measures over twenty inches tall at the shoulder is too large to compete in a dog show. Toy-size dogs are also not judged favorably.

The Mini Lab Controversy

Many people don't believe that miniature labradors are, in fact, a variation; some people think that they are breeds of regular labradors. People argue that if mini labradors are simply smaller in size, then breeders easily could have created this new "variation" of labradors. Whoever you choose to believe, you can't go wrong if you choose a miniature labrador as your companion. They have all the same traits as a regular lab—at a smaller size!