What to Prepare for Before Bringing Home your Labrador Puppy

Bring home a Labrador puppy could be very exciting for the whole family. However, before you do bring the Labrador puppy home, there are a few things that you will need to prepare to make the puppy comfortable in its new home. If you have kids, you should make sure that your kids understand that the puppy would need some time to adjust to its new environment. Note that puppies are just like babies who need to make adjustments and would need lots of care and attention.

Finding a place for your Puppy

Before you bring the Labrador puppy home, you should find a place in the house where the puppy could stay. The Labrador puppy would need a space of its own where it can sleep, eat and play so make sure that you allocate a certain area of the house for the puppy. Find a space in the house, which is not stuffy or hot so that the puppy will not feel very uncomfortable.

Aside from the space, which you will allocate to the Labrador puppy, you should prepare a bed for your dog. Do not use those wicker baskets because puppies love to chew on things and it will not really take them time to reduce the wicker basket into twigs. Besides, there is always some danger that your puppy will swallow some pieces of twigs and choke so avoid using a wicker bed.

A bed like those boxes made of hard wood would be better for your puppy. Very young dogs are not really strong enough to shred boxes make up of hard wood so you can breath easy. For biddings, you may use some cotton or woolen blankets. Cotton or woolen blankets are easy to clean or replace so would not really have much trouble with it.

Aside from a place to sleep, you will need to designate a place in the house where you will groom your puppy. You will need to get a table where you can put your puppy for grooming.

Buying things for your Labrador puppy

There are few things that you will need to buy for your Labrador puppy. You will need to buy your puppy some supplies such as a basin where you can give it a bath, shampoo, mineral oil or eye ointment, washcloth and towels. When choosing a shampoo, make sure that you get those mild no tear formula so that your Labrador puppy will not get irritated when you put some shampoo on its coat.