Taking Care of Your Labrador Dog this Holiday Season

Having a dog is a big responsibility especially during the Holiday season. If you are planning to go on vacation where you cannot take your Labrador dog with you, you better make arrangements for a sitter to take care of your dog while you are away.

If you have a sitter who usually takes care of your Labrador dog while you are away, that is well and good but if you are forced to get a nice sitter to take care of your Labrador dog this holiday season, you better make sure that you give very specific and accurate instructions to the sitter. The winter could be one of he most difficult times to take care of big dogs like the Labrador dog so make sure that you leave clear instructions.

What your sitter needs to know about your Labrador dog

Give the sitter an orientation of the diet, habits and temperaments of your Labrador dog. It would be a good idea to let the sitter take your dog for walks a few days before you leave town so that you will know if the sitter and your dog will feel comfortable with each other. Although your dog may be very friendly and even-tempered, there are times when the sitter and the dog simply don't get along well. To make sure that your dog and the sitter do like each other, you should observe how they interact with each other.

Once you are certain that your sitter and your dog will have some great times while you are on vacation somewhere, you may not give your sitter some specific instructions on what to do while you are away. It would be a good idea to list down all the things that your dog will need while you are away and give the list to the sitter. Your list should include the type of food that should be given to your Labrador dog everyday, the schedule of exercise of your Labrador dog, your telephone number and the telephone number of the vet in case of emergency.

Preparing the Food for your Dog

Before you embarked on your vacation, make sure that you buy all the food that your dog will need while you are away. Mark all the food that your need will need accordingly so that your sitter will find everything easily. If your dog is taking vitamin supplements, label the bottle of the supplements properly and make sure that the sitter knows what it is for. Although your sitter may already have some experience taking care of dogs, you still need to give specific instructions to make sure that everything is in order.