Little Known Secrets about Golden Retriever Training

Golden retriever training is an easy task because these kinds of dogs excel particularly in obeying and being excellent service dogs. With official golden retriever training, your dog can detect narcotics, guide the disabled and perform different kinds of tricks.

Training for golden retrievers can be performed by the owner or a certified facility. It is recommended that you train golden retrievers at an early age and stick to them. This is because golden retriever puppies can become confused when you give new rules. However, an older dog can easily learn new rules or tricks.

Although golden retrievers are quick learners, they find it hard to "unlearn" the tricks you have taught and the rules you have set. Therefore, if you trained your puppy to sleep on your bed when he was only a few months old, he would probably be difficult for him to understand that he is not allowed to sleep on your bed when he becomes two years old. For this reason, you have to be careful in setting ground rules.

Basic Golden Retriever Training

Nipping and chewing should be discouraged at an early age. When this happens, your have to train golden retrievers by replacing the item they're focusing on with toys, balls or other interesting objects. This way, you are training golden retrievers to avoid destroying things.

Look out for barking or growling during playtime. Although this is not a normal attitude of golden retrievers, allowing them to do so can become an irritating habit. However, if you were really giving your golden retriever training in guarding your home, then by all means, let him bark. If not, you can easily discourage this habit by training him to be the silent-type dog that he innately is.

When you're performing a golden retriever training, make sure you discourage a dominant behavior, especially with their toys and food. During their early age, train him by placing your hands on his food bowls while your puppy is eating. You can also do this by giving the puppy a toy and taking it away.

Although it is very easy to train a golden retriever, this is not recommended by most breeders because informal training could ruin the dog's personality through wrong methods. Therefore, it is best to find puppy classes and obedience instructors to give your golden retriever proper training while allowing him to socialize with new people.